Join Forsage with your iOS Phone or TabletJoin Forsage with your Apple iOS Mobile phone or Tablet in conjunction with the Token Pocket Wallet.

The TokenPocket Wallet supports Joining the Forsage platform when using your iOS mobile or Tablet. Please note that Trust Wallet has stopped or will stop this support in the near future.

1. Download the Token Pocket Wallet

➢ Click Here to Download & Install TokenPocket

If you already have TokenPocket installed, then please just go straight to to step 2.

2. Fund your Token Pocket Wallet

You need 0.065 ETH in your wallet to join Forsage (Note: this includes the Transaction "Gas" Fee)

Copy your Ethereum wallet address from your Token Pocket wallet
found here --> settings --> wallet.

Then, go to your regular Digital Currency exchange such as Kraken, CEX, Abra, ShapeShift, BitStamp, etc. and simply transfer 0.065 Ethereum to your TokenPocket wallet address, using your regular method of wallet to wallet Crypto transaction.

You can also buy Ethereum form Coinmama with your credit or debit card

3. Join Forsage

(i) Open TokenPocket on your iOS device.
Here is the home screen:

Token Pocket home screen

Tap on "Discover"
(or you may also see the "DApps" icon)

This will open up the DApps Browser

Copy and paste this entire referral link:
into the box below & hit Enter 

Token Pocket Dapps URL bar

This opens the main Forsage page:
Join Forsage main page
(ii) Then Tap on JOIN NOW

This will then open up the
Forsage account creation screen:

Confirm Forsage ID number

(iii) The ID number is generated automatically
        Tap: > Automatic Registration <

Next - The payment confirmation screen
Join Forsage with Mobile Confirm
(v) Check & Confirm the payment

(vi) This confirmation may take a while to action.

After the transaction is approved, restart Token Pocket Wallet

5. Review

You have now joined Forsage!

Make a note of your own refferal link and ID number

We recommend funding level 3 or more on the X4 program to maximise your earnings, for the time when spillover does come your way.

You can view your Forsage account from any Phone or a Computer browser, by entering your Ethereum wallet or Forsage ID number.


Please note:

Forsage is not an investment program and there is no guarantee of income
What a person receives, is based on their Individual work ethic and other factors beyond your control