Android Phone and Tablet users
Join Forsage here 
with Trust Wallet

Step 1.
Install the Trust Wallet on your Phone or Tablet

➢ Download the Trust Wallet Here

Step 2.
Add Ethereum Funds to your Trust Wallet balance

You need to add 0.065 ETH, which will cover joining Forsage and any transaction fees

First get your Trust Wallet address from --> settings --> wallet.

Then if you have any other Cryptocurrency account such as Coinbase, Luno, Kraken, Coinmama, etc., then simply do a regular Crypto transfer of 0.065 ETH to your Trust wallet address.

If you do not have an account like the above, then you can buy ETH from within the Trustwallet app, or you can instantly buy ETH with a credit or debit card from Coinmama by clicking here

Step 3.
Join Forsage:

(i) Open your downloaded Trust wallet

Note the 4 dots :: DApps at the bottom
Dapps screenshot smaller

(ii) Tap on DApps ::  & open up the Trust Wallet Browser
Copy & paste link below  ↓ into the URL address bar 

         Then hit "Enter", "OK" or "Go" phone button
Forsage Register page
You will then see this screen:
4 forsage auth2

(iii) The ID number is automatically generated
       Please Tap on 
> Automatic Registration <

You will then see the payment screen:
Join Forsage with Mobile Confirm

 Check & Confirm the amount shown.

(v) Please wait for the payment approval
      It may take a while.

5. You are now a Forsage member

If you are especially looking to earn through spillover, we recommend funding at level 3 or more on the X4 program to maximise your earnings.

Please make a note of your own refferal link and ID number.

You can view your Forsage account from any Phone or a Computer browser by entering your Ethereum wallet address or Forsage ID number.


Please note:

Forsage is not an investment program and there is no guarantee of income
What a person receives, is based on their Individual work ethic and other factors beyond your control